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I want you to benefit greatly from our coaching calls and the time in between. This guide briefly outlines some of the things you can do to maximize the value of your coaching experience.

Focus On What You Really Want

Coaching works best when you have clear goals that are based on your true values. First, I encourage you to deeply consider what you want your life to look like. Then, identify the gaps between the way things are now and how you would like them to be. Many people struggle with this, so if you are unsure about what it is you really want to achieve, coaching is an excellent tool that can provide you with greater clarity.

Get To Know Yourself Newly

Working with a sensitive and empathic coach is a healthy way to grow. Most clients hire a coach to work on specific goals, and much of the time focus on these objectives. Yet, with coaching, many clients discover new parts of themselves, and find they can adjust their goals to be more in alignment with who they really are. This discovery process is natural, and you do not need to concentrate on it, just realize it will likely happen.Accelerated personal and professional growth is the hallmark of coaching.

Use your coach as a resource, not as an answer.

Your coach has been trained to listen, inspire, educate, manage, and guide.  Your coach has been trained to initiate conversations, share ideas, make requests, clarify your thinking and support your decisions.  Your coach does not have the answers.  But you do.  Your coach will help you discover them for yourself.  So let him.

Keep and be on time for your coaching sessions.

It is not an exaggeration to say that you'll probably reach your goals faster if you make your coaching sessions a priority.  Do not cancel or reschedule. Do be on time.  To be on time for an in‑person or phone appointment is to be there (rested, present, and ready to work) at the pre-arranged time.  Coaching is a gift you give yourself.

Come to the coaching call prepared, with an agenda.

It's your goal and vision.  It's your life.  It's your problem.  It's your opportunity. So, get what you want out of each session; don't wait for the coach to initiate. Come to each session with a list of questions, a concern, an opportunity, you want advice about and/or a problem you are ready to solve.  Use the Session Prep form. Empower yourself.

Relentlessly get your needs met.

Needs?  Like air, water, shelter, love?  Yes, but there are others which, when not met, keep you from expressing your values, reaching your goals and living your vision.  Ask your coach to help you discover what's critical to get what you need in life. Getting your needs met is not optional.

Inspire the Coach, In Good Times and Bad

A coach needs to be inspired by you, your actions and what is happening in your life. It's easy when things are going well, but how do you inspire the coach (and yourself!) when you've hit a snag?  You do it by being human, fully communicating about your feelings, by listening to the coaching and getting back in the saddle when you're ready.  A coach needs to be inspired, not impressed.

Get Yourself Heard.

Being fully listened to is an integral aspect of coaching. The more you are fully heard, the more you can accomplish.  So, make sure your coach is hearing all of what you're saying, even if you can't articulate it fully.  All any of us really want in life is to be fully heard.

Underpromise, Don't Overpromise.

Sometimes you may find yourself promising yourself and your coach too much. Experience has shown that most clients do better promising less and accomplishing more.  Playing catch up with too many promises to too many people robs you of energy.  Underpromise.  Produce more.  Enjoy the surplus.

Tell Others About Being Coached

Having a coach should not be a secret.  You may find it empowering to share with others what you are learning and accomplishing with your coach.  That said, my client list is confidential.  People may know you are working with me, but that information won’t come from me.  You grow faster and accomplish more with a coach.

Keep Yourself Well Between Sessions

Coaching can require energy: emotionally, intellectually, and physically.  Given this, I want you to take extraordinary care of yourself while being coached.  Only you know what this looks like, but I suggest you go much farther than you ever have before.  Develop 10 Daily Habits that keep you well.  There is no point to wealth without your health.

Enjoy the call.

We have work to do together, but that doesn’t always mean intense effort.  After a number of sessions you may find that we laugh a lot during the call - at life, how you’ve grown, how things happen.  Coaching calls aren’t frivolous, but they are enjoyable, for both of us.  You deserve to enjoy your life, now!