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My background is Management Consultancy, with a specialism in Human Performance (e.g. system dynamics, leadership, team dynamics).

I worked with Accenture as consultant and manager for a number of years, and more recently with BroadVision as senior technical consultant.

I left employment earlier this year to focus full-time on building my Coaching Practice.


My first degree was from London University in English Literature

I studied system dynamics (how to make sense of complexity) at MIT Sloan, and Human Performance in a flagship course run jointly by Loughborough University and Accenture.

I am a member of the International Association of Coaches (IAC), and study with Coach University and the Schools of Coaching.

Typical Clients

I coach a wonderful variety of clients - from IT Directors to Authors.

Beyond My Credentials

Coaching allows me to be a partner and catalyst for people who want to achieve their dreams, and this is a great privilege.

When I'm not Coaching, I fill my life with these passions:

  • My family
  • Nature
  • Chi Kung - think Chinese yoga
  • Novel writing
  • Painting - oil and charcoal lifedrawing
  • Flamenco Guitar

I am also proposing a PhD in the field of Human/Wildlife Conflict, which should progress in the next 6-12 months.