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Coaching is one-on-one guidance and extended support for personal and professional success, however you define it.

It is a way of tapping your potential to maximize your performance.  It means achieving more, in less time, with less effort.

Coaching is underpinned by the principle that everyone holds the key to unlocking their own potential, and that each individual has the ability to determine and realise their own learning, growth and success. 

Coaching is not training. It's not consulting. And it's certainly not therapy.

Coaches do not try to fix clients, solve problems or assume a position of superiority.  They stimulate people to learn, as opposed to directing or teaching them.

A Coach influences the focus of the client, without imposing what to think.

The role of the coach is to use advanced communication skills such as listening, questioning and reflection to create the context for learning.

This occurs in a series of conversations that focus on the client’s situation, goals and challenges with a degree of attention, objective detachment and commitment that you will rarely experience elsewhere.

The coach helps you zero-in on what’s really important to you, and continually reassess where you are and where you're going.  He encourages you to explore aligning your energies to achieve success, however you define it.  He helps you stay focused and challenged, identify and work through blocks, and do what it takes bring out your best.

Whether the arena is business, organisational or personal, the Coaching partnership provides continuous learning, support and feedback as you try new approaches, practice new behaviours and enhance your performance.